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2nd Skull Soccer Marketing


The Charge

2nd Skull is a protective athletic headgear company with patented products which feature Impact Absorption Technology. 2nd Skull's products have a thin, soft, flexible and breathable layer of XRD® that delivers impact protection. The special urethane molecules are soft at rest but harden upon impact. 


While applicable to all sports, 2nd Skull recognized that soccer was going to be a major key to their growth, both domestically internationally.  


Strategic Solution

Gallagher Sports now manages all of 2nd Skull's soccer marketing initiatives, from global strategy development through tactical social media management.  The target consumer base is broad, from youth soccer participants in the United States, to the highest levels of the game in major European leagues.  As such, Gallagher Sports has crafted unique initiatives to effectively and efficiently build the 2nd Skull brand, while maintaining focus on driving the direct sales process.




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