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The Charge is the fastest growing social network in sports, powering the apps of global super clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Juventus.  With such a high-profile foundation in Europe, one of's goals became expansion to the Americas.  Gallagher Sports is tasked with partnering the platform with major clubs throughout North and South America, as well as monetizing the advertising capabilities across those territories.


Strategic Solution

As one of the most technologically progressive teams in the NBA, Gallagher Sports was able to form a partnership between the L.A. Clippers and, providing the platform with its desired entry into the U.S.  In South America, Gallagher Sports efforts led to the Colombian National Team (Seleccion) integrating the platform into their app. 


Additionally, through Gallagher Sports efforts, major U.S. brand partners have begun utilizing's advertising functionality as an effective vehicle for reaching their targeted consumers.  Such brands have included Kia, Jeep, Draft Kings, FuboTV, and Knockaround Sunglasses.


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