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ParkerStore Global Challenge


The Charge

ParkerStore is the retail arm of global industrial manufacturer Parker Hannifin.  With over 2,600 locations spread across more than 80 countries throughout the World, ParkerStore was in need of foundation which would connect with a large percentage of their international stakeholders.


With the understanding that global football had significant meaning to ParkerStore's targeted demographic, Gallagher Sports was engaged to meet the objective of connecting the organization's employees, distributors, and customers from across the globe.


Strategic Solution

The ParkerStore Global Challenge was designed to serve as that international touchpoint for ParkerStores.  A digitally focused initiative, phase one of The ParkerStore Global Challenge linked ParkerStore's to the global qualification process for the 2014 World Cup, when there were still nearly 100 countries vying for a place in Brazil.  The digital platform was chosen due its unique ability to seemlessly transcend international boundaries and language barriers (the '14 PSGC was available in 8 languages).  By utilizing a targeted, global facebook ad campaign, Gallagher Sports was able to filter registrants to provide a greater chance that those engaged fit the profile of a ParkerStore customer or stakeholder.


In 2014, the PSGC shifted focus to the World Cup itself.  Registrants predicted which countries would advance from each group, and subsequently which would continue to advance through the tournament's knockout rounds.  In addition to making their predictions, users could view leaderboards to see how they compared to their counterparts from around the World, from across their specific country, and versus their facebook friends.  The applicaiton also featured the latest news from global football, social media highlights from the World's best players, and more detailed information on ParkerStores.


In 2015, the European Champions League became the activated event, as the PSGC asked registrants to predict each match from the group stages all the way through the final.


The Results

In 2015, The ParkerStore Global Challenge surpassed 45,000 registrants from over 100 countries around the World.  From March 2013 (when phase one of the PSGC launched) through June 2015 (when phase three of the PSGC concluded), ParkerStore's facebook likes rose by nearly 400%!


Additionally, the organization has seen previously unrealized interaction amongst it's key stakeholders.  There has been significant buy in from individual ParkerStore's across the globe which have chosen to invest in incremental marketing initiatives in support of the ParkerStore Global Challenge.

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