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Ritmo Mundo & L.A. Galaxy


The Charge

Located in Beverly Hills, California, what today is Ritmo Time Group was founded in 2002 by celebrity jeweler Ali Soltani as a side to his family business David Orgell, the oldest independent retailer on Rodeo Drive. With a growing global presence, the company was looking to to build the brands of both Ritmo Mundo and Reflex, the company's silicon based LED slap watch.


Strategic Solution

Understanding the importance of continuing to grow the Ritmo Mundo global brand while simultaneously creating a continued link to the company's home market, Gallagher Sports created an integrated partnership between Ritmo Mundo and the L.A. Galaxy. As an Official Partner of the Galaxy, Ritmo Mundo receives exposure across numerous club controlled platforms, while also having the ability to weave that association into the company's marketing mix, much of which is digitally driven.



In the case of Ritmo Mundo/Reflex, it was of critical importance to secure marketing assets across numerous platforms, including social media marketing (example to right), in-stadium TV visible exposure (example below), and ways to specifically (and measurably) drive retail activity in both traditional retail environments and digitally.

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